Coyotes and Cattle

Coyotes and CattleBarry Ward’s latest offering, “Coyotes and Cattle,” takes you on a multi-faceted journey. You’ll ride the ruts of the Santa Fe Trail, get a first-hand account of conditions during Santa Ana’s campaign against the soldiers at the Alamo, visit an old homestead where one of the greatest rewards was the chorus of coyotes and cattle, and savor the haunting refrains of a Native American flute on the traditional “Wayfaring Stranger.” Top it off with the incredibly tender and sweet “Sunshine of Your Eyes,” and the finale, “Light at the End of the Trail” (which impresses upon you that no matter what’s going on in your life, somebody has your back), and you’ll agree, once again, Barry has a genuine winner.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home Barry Ward

With the military and veterans in mind, Barry knows what they are going through with songs like “The Brave and the Free”, “Freedom at Last” and “Welcome Home”. America is great due to the sacrifice of our military. Also includes some originals and a few country classics like “North to Alaska”, “Wings Of A Dove”, and “Back Home Again”.

Barry Ward

Distant Furrows


The songs on this album are hand-picked favorites of Barry’s. He wrote the songs while operating his fourth-generation family farm. His song “Harvest in the Fall,” closes the movie ‘The Great American Wheat Harvest’. It is the story of Barry’s last wheat harvest with his father, Leonard, and his Uncle Tommy Ward.

Barry WardLonesome County Road

Lonesome Country Road

This CD offers another of Barry’s solid listening pleasures. Seven originals, including the historic saga song “Roman Nose”, the wistful love song “I Hear Her Calling”, and “Beyond the Western Sky”. Good covers include “A Storm Abrewin” and  “My Oklahoma Home”. One critic wrote; “I didn’t think anyone could sing “The Blizzard” as well as Jim Reeves did, but I was wrong!”

Barry Ward

West of Dodge

West of DodgeOn this album you will hear some songs that have a very Western gunslinger sound to a bluesy– jazz sound to even a little Texas-swing! Eleven of the thirteen songs were written by Barry. “September’s Song” which he wrote after celebrating his wedding anniversarywith his wife Victoria; while others are just for fun, like “Going Down To The River” which actually incorporates the names of  his real childhood friends. The first track “Eli Crow” by the late Paul Hendel won Song of the Year with the Academy of Western Artists.

Barry WardJoy Sweet Joy

Barry Ward

Some of these songs I grew up singing while my mother played the piano in our little church. Traditional greats such as “Mansion Over the Hilltop”, the medley “I Saw the Light / I’ll Fly Away”, a haunting version of “Wayfaring Stranger”, my wife’s favorite hymn “Suppertime”, and finally “Life’s Railway to Heaven”. There is a great joy that awaits us in Heaven. My song “Joy Sweet Joy” tells of that excitement and the song “Too Much Trouble” reveals how we all sometime fail at helping others out. “Crown of Thorns” I wrote about The Passion of Jesus Christ. And my mother’s favorite track is “Ridin’ Along the Cimarron”, that I wrote after pushing cattle through the Cimarron River in northern Oklahoma.

Barry Ward

Northern Lights

Northern LightsNorthern Light takes you on a musical journey of the American West. You’ll feel that you’re there too, as you listen to songs like “Christmas in the Pine River Valley,” “Christmas on the Prairie,” and “The House.” Along the way, Barry shares songs about the real meaning of Christmas. But even classics like “Go Tell on the Mountain” and “White Christmas” have that western feel to them. (Not available until October 1, 2018)


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