You’d think everyone would be ready to fill up a mug and have a delicious cup of Barry’s Pinon Coffee – that delicious and hearty cowboy style coffee that warms you from the inside out?

Well if you don’t have your cup full yet, you might want to order a bag, or two, or three, and a few to give away this holiday season – get your orders in early! We don’t want you to catch a chill without your heart warming mug of Pinon Joe.

Barry’s Blend Pinon Coffee is a three bean blend of fine quality high altitude Arabica coffee, which is medium roasted and then the regional southwest pinon nut is added.  The result is a rich, aromatic coffee.

Barry’s Blend Piñon Coffee arrives right at your door!

An Award winning blend of five coffee beans with the addition of piñon pine nuts from the southwestern piñon tree. A great way to start the day, not too strong but pleasantly smooth with no bitter aftertaste!
$12 (plus shipping) for 12oz.bag

Barry Ward

Barry's Regular Blend

Barry’s Regular Blend


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Coffee – Red
Regular Ground Red Bag $12

Barry Ward

Barry's Decaf Coffee

Barry’s Decaf Coffee

Coffee – Blue
Decaf Ground Blue Bag $12

Barry Ward

Barry's Whole Bean

Barry’s Whole Bean

Coffee – Black
Whole Bean Black Bag $12

Barry Ward

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